Thursday, May 24, 2012

web2py slices: Import CSV file with user information and date

Posted new slice Import CSV file with user information and date

Sometime it's critical to keep tracking who updated the records. Built-in CSV import function is great but doesn't update the field such as updated_on, updated_by fields. Here's how I solved the problem.

1. Sample application image

2. Result

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

web2py bootstrap in trunk

I'm very excited about bootstrap which is now available in trunk.

This is my web2py app with bootstrap layout. It's really clean and attractive. Now I don't have to worry about layout design which I'm not really good at.

By default, some of css is conflicting with existing web2py.css, so I made the following change to make it more like bootstrap.

In web2py.css, comment out from #2 - #5, #16 - #37 and #100.

You can find more about bootstrap here.