Wednesday, February 27, 2013

web2py jquery mobile plugin

So this year I'm trying to work on mobile development. I realized it's hard for me to learn all the language for the native app for each platform (apple, android, blackberry...etc) and found jQuery Mobile. It's so cool how come I didn't know about it!

I finished reading the book and What?? web2py already has the plugin !! OMG, I love web2py.

You can download it from here.

Thank you, Jason, Timothy, Harkirat and Massimo.

As of today, there is a issue and you will get blank page when you install the plugin.
I already submit a ticket (#1354: jQuery Mobile Plugin layout issue) with the solution.

Yeah! It looks great !!

1 comment:

    i download the plugin from this link and add it in web2py but i dont know to include it in view i follow this
    ""Replace extend "layout.html" with extend "plugin_jqmobile/layout.html" in all your views.""
    step from the link but it not working.