Thursday, May 9, 2013

web2py Dynamically change highlighted class for

I'm trying to add simple function to my website but didn't know what to do. Niphlod provided me the snippet in web2py forum so I can share it here!

1. Create new app called "highlight"

2. Overwrite the in = [
    (SPAN('Home', _id='default_highlighted'), False, URL('default', 'index'), []),
    (SPAN('Menu1'), False, URL('default', 'menu1'), []),
    (SPAN('Menu2'), False, URL('default', 'menu2'), [])

3. add the following script right before </head> in layout.html

jQuery(function() {
  var path = location.pathname.substring(1);
    if ( path ) {
        var els = jQuery('ul.nav a[href$="'+path+'"]').filter("[rel!=nofollow]");
        if (els.length != 0) {

        } else {

4. Create empty action in controllers/ for test purpose

def index():
    return dict('')

def menu1():
    return dict('')

def menu2():
    return dict('')

5. And empty views default/menu1.html and default/menu2.html

6. TA-DA

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  1. is script function necessary? i can see menu works without it.